About us

  • Is industrial innovation too slow and complex? Are change programs too long and too expensive? Is speed and complexity of industrial digitalization disappointing?
  • For Predict Change understanding of change over time and organization is the key to success.
  • We are a handful of Senior Management Consultants, Numerical Simulation and Data Analytics and Modeling Experts who share their unique know-how after decades of successful change management, numerical simulation, artificial intelligence and data analytics in large, global organizations. Leadership, Execution, Communication, Experience are our services.
  • We understand the needs and priorities of the key stakeholders in global change and industrial digitalization programs. And we know how to build on these.
  • We are familiar with the expectations and challenges of global corporations on operational, management and infrastructural levels.
  • Predict Change offers independent definition and execution services to innovate simulation and to Operate, Introduce and Modernize Simulation Governance.
  • Our executive and operational experience comes from working for Fortune 500 companies such as ABB, Ericsson, Bombardier and more. We have recently concluded distinguished careers in critical roles in several change management programs improving the daily work of staffs from dozens to tens of thousands and creating benefits from tens of thousands to billions.


Belief in the importance to make Industrial IT Infrastructure consistent, error-free, up-to-date and highly cost-effective.
Predict Change offers three fundamental knowledge and experience categories mainly to innovate Design, Engineering, Production and Service. These are understanding of

  • model, numerical solution, behavior, quantity of uncertainty (“error”) and how to control it;
  • data collection, filtering, usage for predictive simulation;
  • global change programs, including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) that are relevant for simulation at leading industrial companies.

We at Predict Change use these three competences making the outcome of all of our global, industrial change programs predictable and with our experience that we provided for all of our customers the ability of predictability.