Successful, 1st Predict Change simulation governance seminar in New York City, in March 2019

Predict Change offers expert professional services in the planning and implementation of numerical simulation activities, coordination of simulation with physical testing and experimentation as well as product lifecycle data management. The First Invitational Predict Change Industrial Simulation Governance Seminar was held in New York, March 28, 2019, where leading experts in Telecommunication, Aerospace and Defense, Marine transportation, Manufacturing and other industries met to address issues relating to simulation governance. The presentations followed a logical thread: ISSUES, REQUIREMENTS, SOLUTION, CASE STUDIES. The seminar offered several prepared opportunities in pleasant settings appreciated by the participants, for inspiring discussions before, between and after the formal seminar sessions.

Some of the comments from the participants after the Seminar:

“Predict Change Seminar on Simulation Governance gave me new perspectives.”

“I strongly recommend for anybody interested in improving and validating their simulation practices to participate in one of Predict Change training events and industrial seminars. It is time well invested.”

“Having an overview from strategy to realization with real life examples has given me new thoughts and useful recommendations for the what, why and how of simulation governance at the Predict Change Seminar in March 2019.”

“Management needs the kind of services that Predict Change provides: Software agnostic independent expert review of current simulation practices, and formulation of a plan for the exercise of command and control over simulation practices tailored to the particular needs of each organization.”

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