Improvement services

Training, Support, Analysis for

  • Management (both Executive and Operative).
  • Organization (central, regional, local and internal, external).

These include

  • SEMINARS and WORKSHOPS: Delivered for management on the strategic importance of Simulation Governance, on successful Industrial Digitalization practices, and how to avoid pitfalls in Change Programs.
  • ASSESSMENT (“Certification”): of how the organization currently manage their numerical simulation, digitalization and change programs.
  • DEVELOPMENT of PLANS: that would lead to significant improvement of existing practices in simulation, digitalization, change and will result in short term and long term benefits.
  • TECHNICAL ADVICE: in relation to the implementation of plans for simulation governance, digitalization and change programs.
  • MONITORING COMPLIANCE with established numerical simulation policies and best practices in execution of change and digital innovation.

Full delivery services

  • Role deliveries (e.g. Auditor, Stakeholder representative, Team lead, Steering group member/lead, Advisor).
  • Project deliveries (Project and Sub-project management and execution).
  • Analysis deliveries (Interviews, Comparative investigations, Reports e.g. Strategy report analysis and preparation).

Predict Change sells the full range of professional services to control simulation and to be successful in digital technology and in change management. A Simulation Governance method for reduction of design costs and design errors; Coordinated testing with numerical simulation, reduced number of tests, prototypes; Proper use of engineering resources by knowledge capture and “Democratization”, enabling automation. Proven methodology, checklists supported by unique industrial experience of singularly successful, industrial corporate digitalization and business and organizational change programs.

Industrial digitalization methodology for Digital strategy and program execution covering among others Digital engineering, Digital manufacturing, Digital production, and Digital service.  Proven approach for Execution of Business vision and strategy in Corporate change programs that is unique in its ability in delivering innovation through Change for Business Results.

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